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Every Sunday Night

  • • Sundays Milonga "LA IDEAL" at Club Tropical - 211 SE 1st Ave - Hallandale, FL
  • • Class 7 PM to 8 PM
  • • Milonga starts at
    8 PM until 2 AM
  • • Buffet Dinner included - Coffee, refreshments & cookies
    All for $15.00 - BYOB
  • • Confirm the day before by calling Lydia:
    (305) 305-428-3805 (H) or
    Cell (305) 905-3935
From Lydia Henson

Original Founder of the United States Tango Congress (USTC) I've loved partner dancing all my life and have been so richly rewarded by dancing and teaching many styles.
All of you "Tangueros/as" can appreciate what I mean when I say that, when I found Argentine Tango, something SPECIAL came into my life.
And we had this crazy idea that we could make a big Festival and create a meeting place for tango lovers from around the world every year under the stars on Miami Beach.
Ummm ... it ain't easy!

15 Festival years later, I'm sure I should have my head examined, but - I'm so thankful to all the teachers and patrons who have supported us and made the Miami Tango Fantasy what it has become. Every year, faithful supporters come with their talent and hearts to make sure we have an EVENT that seems to change lives, and leaves you with memories to cherish forever.

You've seen me sign-off my emails with, "Tango Forever." Well, that IS my sincere wish for one and all! And I need so much to give a BIG thanks to my volunteers who work so hard to make it a true Fantasy Festival: Madela Penaylillo, Carmen Ibañez-Lopez, Dr. Nelson Lopez, Rosita Shinberg, Bill Bonilla, Carmencita Ma, Wendy Fong, Nancy Oliva, Elsie Blanco, Keith Elshaw, Randy Pittman, Ken Sommer

From Hernan Adolfo Vergara

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to the United States of America 10 years ago and since then my residence has been beautiful Sunny Isles Beach, FL.

I own a company in Real Estate business and investments and manage an apartment rental company in FL and Buenos Aires.
Everything was perfect except for the missing of my culture, those imperceptible things like sounds, smells or particular behaviors that us “Porteños” are used to. Trying to recover that feeling I started to dance Tango. I have taken lessons in Buenos Aires and Miami traveling around with the music I love.
Now is time to pay back all the good things that Tango has brought to our lives. Argentina has many things to be proud of and Tango is surely one of them.
My commitment is to try by all means to promote Tango and the real values that come with it: love & affection, friendship & networking, culture & skills, mind stimulating, and most of all healthy exercise and lots of fun.
I look forward to meeting you “Tangueros” at any dance floor some time.

Hasta mas vernos!!!

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