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Every Sunday Night
  • • Sundays Milonga "LA IDEAL" at Club Tropical - 211 SE 1st Ave - Hallandale, FLorida
  • • Class starts at 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM
  • • Milonga starts at
    8:15 PM until 2:00 AM
  • • Snacks,cookies,refreshments and coffee
  • • Price: $15.00 - BYOB
  • Please, confirm the day before by calling Lydia:(305) 905-3935
Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau

Gloria and Eduardo "Ciudadanos Ilustres (Distinguished Citizens) of Buenos Aires City" Dancers and choreographers Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau were declared "Ciudadanos Ilustres (Distinguished Citizens of Buenos Aires City" for their long and successful career and their contribution to the Argentine Dance, 11 December 2006.

They began working together as youngsters with Francisco Canaro on numerous musicals, and for many years they have been one of the most popular tango dancing couples in the world . They performed with the critically acclaimed musical Tango Argentino from 1985 to 1992.

They were choreographers and headliners of the original cast of Forever Tango in San Francisco from 1994 to 1995. With their Japan tours with their shows Tango, Tango and Corazon de Tango, they paved the way for many shows that followed. They are one of the legendary couples in Tango history.

They have been performing for 50 years. BUT Eduardo is also one of the great milongueros of his generation--the guys who grew up dancing in the milongas in the early-mid 1950s. He is one of the teachers most responsible for the worldwide popularity of "club" style tango (or milonguero style, confiteria style, close embrace, apilado--whatever your preferred term is). Eduardo has taught this style, which is once again the predominant style in today's crowded milongas of Buenos Aires, all over the world. The style is very rhythmic, very close and very fun.

Miriam Larici & Leo Barrionuevo

Miriam Larici was introduced to the world of dance at the early age of five and began her international reputation as an extraordinary performer, instructor and choreographer. Born and raised in Matheu, Buenos Aires, she was trained in classical Ballet,jazz, modern dance, acrobatic technique, Flamenco, social and stage Tango Her first Tango instructors were Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau.

Miriam has produced, directed, and choreographed Tango shows, including Tango and Fire presented in Buenos Aires and the United States; the US "Festival Internacional de Tango Argentino"; "El Corazòn de Tango" and "Tango Buenos Aires"( for Columbia Artists). Famous as the iconic image of Luis Bravo's Broadway-London hit "Forever Tango" Miriam mesmerized viewers and critics with her artistic elegance.

She was invited to dance with the show for a performing arts series "Evening at Pops", with Boston Pops Orchestra nationally broadcasted by PBS. It was at that performance, the acclaim dancer Leslie Caron stated "ŠIf I had to choose among tango dancers in the world, these two would be my option." Ms Larici became a Broadway star while performing for two years at the Walter Kerr and Marquis Theater in Time Square. She also danced in the film Mambo Kings Illuminating stages around the world, Miriam has performed and taught all over the world and in the US. Miriam presented her 1st "LOS ANGELES DE TANGO FESTIVAL" November 2008, at the Radisson Hotel in Whittier, California. Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo, are now sharing their mastery, intensity, passion and magic. Miriam & Leonardo SUPERSTARS OF DANCE CHAMPIONS: Lately they achieved the Gold Medal competing as the Tango duet on NBC's new series Superstars of Dance. Watch. Leonardo has trained in an exquisite Tango style with some of the best Milongueros of the night of Buenos Aires as well as in contemporary dance, jazz and partnering technique.

He has performed and/or choreographed in many tango shows in Argentina, Europe and Latin America. These include: "Tango Sur", "Adios Pampa Mia," "Una Noche de Tango","Tango Evolution" in Italy 2002, and "Che Tango" in the "Cafe Tortoni" in Buenos Aires Argentina, also futured with one of the most famous Tango orchestra of Argentina "Juan de Dios Filiberto." In 2005 he toured with the show "Sabor a Tango" throughout Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. Leonardo has achieved first place in many tango festivals throughout Argentina such as: " Festival Patagonia y Tango" 2004 and " Festival Mayen Leufur" in Rio Negro Argentina among others. He has also starred in the show "Rojo Tango" at hotel "Faena" in the city of Buenos Aires. In 2007, Leonardo joined the London/Broadway hit "FOREVER TANGO"and has been touring with the company for the past year at major cities of United States,He also performed for the National television on PBS starring at the Forever Tango film.

Mastery, intensity, passion and magic are now blended with Leonardo Barrionuevo and Miriam Larici dancing together since June 2008. Recently joined the cast of "Los Angeles de Tango Festival and the stage production of Tango Adamor." Miriam & Leonardo SUPERSTARS OF DANCE CHAMPIONS: Lately they achieved the Gold Medal competing as the Tango duet on NBC's new series Superstars of Dance.

Romina Levin & Claudio Villagra

Romina Levin formed part of the National Folkloric Ballet performing in several Buenos Aires theatres and touring Argentina and Japan. In 2003, she joined Tango X2 Company, performing in "Tangos Una Leyenda" in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Verona, Bolonia, Rome, Milan and London.

She has given master classes in the International Festival of Tango in the Buenos San Martín Theatre. In 2005, she toured the world with the company Tango Seduction directed by Gustavo Russo. Cast member of Forever Tango directed by Luis Bravo and touring the USA and Puerto Rico. She returned to TANGO X2 Company to perform with Miguel A. Zotto in "La Historia". As lead dancer for two years. In 2008 she formed a partnership with CLAUDIO VILLAGRA, and returned to the show Forever Tango as principal couple. Claudio trained at an early age with his grandfather, a "barrio milonguero".

Then on to work with Antonio Todaro, Virulazo, Pepito Avellaneda, Gloria y Eduardo, among others. They contributed to his development into the great dancer and teacher he is today. He has danced in the major Tango houses of Buenos Aires such as Casablanca, La Ventana, Michaelangelo and El Querandi. He then moved on to the international Tango houses and theaters such as Walter Kerr and Marquis in Broadway, New York, where he played for 2 years. Paris, France and Teatro Bellas Artes in Mexico.

He joined the Forever Tango show with which he has been for many years. Along with his partner Romina, they dance as principal dancers in Forever Tango touring the world. They are considered the most powerful dance couple on a stage these days. They are fabulous performers as well as great teachers.

Guillermo Salvat & Silvia Grynt

Guillermo Salvat y Silvia Grynt started dancing together in 2001 when they joined the cast of the show "Una Noche de Tango" in Buenos Aires. Since then they have performed and taught worldwide, in the five continents: from Australia to Europe, Southafrica and the entire American continent.

With international experience in teaching, it outstands their participation in some important international festivals, like the "4to Encuentro Internacional de Tango Argentino" in Rome in 2002, the "U.S.T.C. Tango Fantasy" in Miami in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, and many others in the US.

They have been part of prestigious companies such as TangoX2 and Solo Tango, and they have participated in many shows like "Estampas Porteñas", "Magia de Tango", "Piazzolla Puro", "Soñando Tangos", "Esquina Carlos Gardel" and "Rojo Tango", performing in the most important stages of Buenos Aires and all over the world, like the Sydney Opera House and the Kremlin Palace's Theatre in Moscow, among many others. In 2006 they have released their own show, Tango-a-Tierra, which debut in Buenos Aires, and successfully played in Southafrica, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine and Brasil. They are appreciated for their technical and precise teaching, as well for their unique performing style.

Silvina Valz & Oliver Kolker

Argentinean Silvina Valz teaches and performs tango throughout Europe, Japan, the United States and Buenos Aires. Silvina is one of the young great tango dancers whose dance incorporates elements from all styles of tango. She has studied and practiced tango in Buenos Aires with different teachers, among others, Pepito Avellaneda and Gustavo Naviera.

Silvina is a dancer of the younger generation, known for her work with milonga master, Dany Garcia (El Flaco). In addition to being one of the tango's rising stars, Silvina has worked as a choreographer and production assistant with the Theatre Antoine Vitoz. She has taught dancing and acting to young people in the National School for the Blind. She has a unique and beautiful dance style, filled with humor and passion. Her teaching is clear and well structured. Her work is grounded in the classic styles of tango, and is also a bridge to the more modern styles.

Oliver Kolker, grew up in Argentina. His love for the Tango was inspired by his grandmother, a Tango singer and dancer. He studied with Miguel Angel Zotto, Osvaldo Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Gavito, Carlos Copello, Horacio Godoy, and Luis Solanas. Together with Mora Godoy, Oliver started "Tango Emocion," a dance company of 6 couples and the Lisandro Adrovers Quintet. They toured throughout Europe visiting The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Finland and Sweden. In 2002, Oliver placed 6th out of 150 couples at the World Tango Championship Salon Category. At the World Tango Championship in 2004, he reached the finals in the Stage Category.

More recently, Oliver taught in Israel as a special guest artist at the most prestigious Tango School in Tel Aviv, the Lidor Dance Studio. In New York City, he launched the extremely popular "TangoExperience", a company that organizes trips Buenos Aires for people to immerse themselves in the "world that is Tango". Oliver's passion for dancing and teaching the Tango has enriched Stepping Out's program immensely. To quote: "With Tango I have found my expression, my way of being able to communicate with another dancer in a beautiful dialogue." Silvia and Oliver were recently part of the production "El Rey del Tango" in New York City.

Jeremias Massera & Mariela Barufaldi

Argentine natives, Jeremias Massera (Buenos Aires) and Mariela Barufaldi (Rosario), discovered each other in Tango in 2006. They are a young and energetic, up and coming Tango couple. but also one of the strongest influences in the development and latest booming of the South Florida Tango Community, where they now reside as teachers and performers.

Prior to this partnership... Jeremias was trained musically by his father since he was 7 years old, and attended the music programs of New World School of the Arts and FIU on full scholarships, while performing throughout the United States. Mariela studied classical dances from a young age and intensified her theater studies in Miami Dade College, producing and directing numerous plays throughout South Florida. After being captured by Tango, Jeremias and Mariela studied intensively for years with numerous tango masters, excelling in both Tango Salon and Stage Tango. As a result of their extensive and combined training of music, theater, and dance, Jeremias and Mariela co-founded the company TangoAxis. An organization with purpose: "TO LEARN more and more, because tango allows us. TO EDUCATE communities on the many different techniques of this wonderful dance, TO SHARE and promote the art of Argentine Tango through our performances, and TO ENJOY every part of the process."

Identified for their versatility and richness, with a vast range of techniques and exquisite musicality, this couple is able to embark the traditional Tango Salon, Milonga, Tango Vals and even Stage Tango while having fun with the new tango trends of today. Their sensuality, elegance, and quick feet, has taken them to perform in some of South Florida's best theaters, including the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Olympia Theatre, Miami Dade County Auditorium, Gusman Hall, Manuel Artime Theater and the Colony Theater to name a few. They have danced and or choreographed with numerous dance companies throughout the US. Jeremias and Mariela are also the founders of Tango Axis Co. and have created the shows: "Eras del Tango"(2010) and "Tango A.C.T."(2009), which they produced, choreographed and starred in.

As teachers they are known for their spontaneity and technical approach. They make an emphasis on correct social Argentine Tango, without prohibiting the full range of elements which are characteristic of the dance. They teach from the beginner to the advance levels, and are available for group and private classes, as well as thematic workshops.

For more information about them please visit

Victoria Sarquisse & Federico Jorquera

Victoria Sarquisse and Federico Jorquera, born and raised in Argentina, are young salon and show style tango dancers and instructors. Their tango technique is elegant and dynamic, yet relaxed and focused on connection and musicality. While teaching, they emphasize on the use of music as the true guidance for movement and expression; dancing with harmony as a perfect synchronization of rhythm between dancers, creating a new joyful sensation for this ultimate seductive dance.
Victoria is the creator of TangoFlex®, the newest Tango training specialized for increasing flexibility, balance, and body control; perfectly designed to complement the dancers' movement. She also specializes in footwork technique and woman embellishments, offering classes and specialized workshops nationally and internationally (Victoria was a gymnast for 18 years, competing and wining many titles for Argentina. She holds certifications in Fitness, Yoga, Flexibility Training, Spinning, and Dance). They recently taught and performed in various cities in the US, Argentina, and Ecuador. In December, Victoria also taught classes at "Cancilleria Argentina" for the Argentinean Government and at the "Escuela Argentina de Tango" in Buenos Aires.
Victoria & Federico were featured at the 2009 Midsummer Night Swing festival at the Lincoln Center in New York City and danced with Otros Aires during their first tour in the US. They performed LIVE on TV in New York City Channel 11 "Morning News". They often perform in special theatre production with the remarkable orchestra Quintango. In 2010 they performed at La Casa de La Cultura in Quito, Ecuador where they also taught a series of Tango workshops to local Tango Instructors.
They were the featured dancers at the ARTE 2010 Tampa Bay's Festival of the Americas and they recently taught at the Argentine Tango Cruise Week on February 13-20, 2011 at the Ruby Princess; Princess' Newest Ship.

Victoria & Federico live and teach in Tampa, FL, and are the Directors of Tampa Tango Argentino/


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